Heartland Saddle Circuit

The 2020 Heartland Saddle Circuit was cancelled due to the cancellation of many of the point earning shows this year.  We hope to revive this circuit in 2021.

Rules and Conditions

The Donn Leson Hearland Saddle Circuit is sponsored by Donn Leson Saddles and hosted by KRHA, MRHA and SMRHA.  Its purpose is to promote good sportsmanship and horsemanship through competition. A total of three saddles will be awarded, on each of the following divisions: Open, Non Pro, & Rookie II.

Rules and Qualifications:

  1.  Rider must be a current member in good standing of one of the hosting NRHA Affiliates – KRHA, MRHA, or SMRHA, prior to being eligible to earn points.  Points earned prior to payment of current year membership will not be awarded as saddle circuit points.  Riders can purchase a membership for any club at any of the qualifying shows.
  2. Riders in all three divisions can enter up to three entries in each point earning class.  Horse/rider combinations are not required. Riders best score will be used from each class in awarding points.
  3. Points will be awarded utilizing the NRHA Youth Scale.
  4. The following shows will be used for awarding points for this saddle circuit:
    1. Feb. 23-25 MRHA Winter Blast I & II – Lake St. Louis, MO
    2. March 17-18 SMRHA Lucky J Shamrock Spring Slide – Carthage, MO
    3. May 20-21 SMRHA Randy Cutbirth Memorial Classic I & II – Carthage, MO
    4. July 21-22 SMRHA July Classic I & II – Carthage, MO
    5. September 15-16 KRHA Sunflower Slide I & II – Topeka, KS
    6. October 20-21 MRHA Autumn Slide I & II – Lake St. Louis, MO
  5. Winners will be announced at the final show of the circuit.  In the event of a tie, a run-off will occur between the tied riders with a pattern to be determined and announced at the MRHA Autumn Slide.
  6. All applicable NRHA rules will be utilized in these classes.